Fitoval anti dandruff

Active ingredients with proven dermatological efficacy control the growth of Malassezia, and also of M. globosa and M. restricta fungi, and reduce their number. They also help inhibit excessive epidermal regeneration and normalise its structure while removing the scales. They quickly soothe unpleasant itchiness and scalp irritation.*

Fitoval - anti dandruff
Aktivne sestavine šamponov Fitoval

kills fungi*

Aktivne sestavine šamponov Fitoval

normalizes the epidermal structure*

Aktivne sestavine šamponov Fitoval

removes scales*

Active ingredients of Fitoval shampoos kill fungi, normalise the epidermal structure and remove scales. They have a quick effect and help to prevent dandruff recurrence.*

* Ciclopirox olamine and Zinc PT-S Complex (zinc pyrithione and white willow extract /Salix alba/). In vitro and in vivo tests.

Fitoval anti-dandruff formula – a new generation

Verified safety and proven good tolerance of shampoos, even on sensitive skin. Without parabens and colorants.