Fitoval intensive dermatological shampoo

Fitoval-Intensive dermatological shampoo

When do we recommend the intensive anti-dandruff shampoo?


* Self-evaluation of 20 subjects in dermatologically controlled research study after 1 or 4 weeks of use.

Action of active ingredients*

Ciclopirox olamine

Zinc PT-S Complex: zinc pyrithione and white willow extract /Salix alba/

Zinc pyrithione and white willow extract /Salix alba/ with synergistic effect control the growth of Malassezia fungi, also of M. globosa and M. restricta fungi, and reduce their number.

Zinc pyrithione

White willow extract /Salix alba/

*In vitro and in vivo tests.

Recommended use

Integrated approach

An integrated approach to the problem! The combination of intensive and maintenance anti-dandruff shampoos helps to protect against its recurrence, hair remain radiant and strong.