Fitoval Dermatological lotion

anti hair loss

Fitoval - losjon proti izpadanju las

When do we recommend using anti-hair loss dermatological lotion?

In excessive hair loss and loss of hair density.


* Source: efficacy evaluation of dermatological lotion, Department of Dermatology, Italy.

Activity of active ingredients

Active ingredients of Fitoval dermatological lotion preserve more hairs in the growth phase.

Recommended use

Recommended as additional, intensive care in more extensive hair loss. Massage 5 ml of lotion into dry scalp once daily or at least 3 times a week. Do not rinse. Use for 3 consecutive months. Repeat the procedure in the spring and autumn.

Integrated approach

Use an integrated approach to the problem! We recommend concomitant use of three Fitoval products – Fitoval anti-hair loss dermatological shampoo, Fitoval dermatological lotion and Fitoval capsules.